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Welcome to Jadedisland the home to the Kawaii Memoir of Jade


Welcome to Jadedisland

Jadedisland is me. The home to my imagination, my style, and all my creative voices. Jadedisland is for the dreamer in the place they don’t want to be in looking for encouragement. I am here to help you find motivation to dream fiercely and express yourself because dreams become reality when you realize you aren’t alone anymore. So let me show you, the parts of me present on Jadedisland, and let me share stories from the emotive world I see.


“Multifaceted” - Like the Gem that adorns my logo, I am someone who has many facets. Facets are defined in gemology as a “side” usually what makes a gem look cut. In this case, facets refers to features, specifically what topics and things I like to feature on my island. Let me introduce you to some of my facets! Working with Artist Kelsey, I visualized what my facets look like in my head as RPG (Roleplaying Games) Characters. Click each one to explore their side of the Island and their writing voice! Each character takes you to a blog!

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Introducing: The Rest of Forever written by Jadedisland

In my Creative Space, I write short stories, poetry, prose, and a Web Series! Its never too late to start reading. What began as a National Novel Writing Month Journey in 2017, and a story i shared with my siblings and a few friends on Wattpad finally hit the spotlight in my life. I share Ambrose, Axel, and Theo my charming but challenging characters as they fight against a corrupt regency, placate gods, and learn the true heritage of magic and silver. Inspired by an idea from biblical texts, mineralogy, and gemology this fantasy series came to life. Don't miss out as I work alongside my best friend who edits my chapters and inspiring artist Middnite Designs. I've got a fantasy world you will not want to miss. 

Artist Alley: 

Each Month I write about a new artist, and share their story, perspective, and hopes as an artist. This beautiful episodic series features dynamic artists who inspire me to share their story. Inspired by the popular series, Humans of New York I took my interactions at conventions and out in the city as a chance to share local stories. My Kawaii journalism sparks interest all over the world and introduces art, ambition, dreams, and experience right to your screen. Come get to know the artists and creatives I've met and let their worlds inspire you. Schedule an interview or contact me if you wish to be featured.