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Bard - Nerium the Second Violinist 

Inspired by my time as supporting second violinist, the bard is the part of me that supports others, the one who shares tales & stories in a creative way to uplift other artists. This writing style comes from the belief that stories should be shared, and in my own way I choose to share them. On my platform I uplift artists of colors, and make sure I support them as best as I can. From

writers to visual artists the community I build and the people I meet are never forgotten or left behind. I support the dreams of the artists and creatives I meet in the hope that art and creativity will contribute to a world of light, knowledge, and acceptance. I once heard that writers are the keepers of history and I hope that I help put more creatives of color into that history. 

You can catch this guide to take you to my version of artist alley sharing artwork and stories from fellow creatives.  

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