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We forget about the journey of magical girls and here is the space in which I explore everything related to kawaii, harajuku, anime, and everything pink.

Battle Mage - Magical Girl

Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


Creating a Magical Space

Dear Magical Being,

I’m writing to you today to tell you some creative, and magical ways of existing in a magical space. I’ve been magical all my life, I mean 1994 was a great year to be born in. My high school class year was heralded as the world enders. Anyway, i’m going on a tangent. I’m here to provide you love from above on being magical and creating your own magical space within you. There are a lot of factors that can theoretically impede our magical potential to exist in our best energy. The everyday mundane, like school, work, or even just being at home all the time can just create a void we call living. Contrary to popular belief, I did not start living my best pink life until recently. I existed, and yes I was magical and remain so even without a constant stream of pink energy but 2016 was my break through. I shaved my head, donned some heart eyes and loved myself one step at a time.

The first step in creating a magical space is manifestation. Label it. Define it. Create a word for yourself that reaffirms magic for you. Use it. I took my love of pink and made it my energy. I stan that energy harder than my love anime characters with pink hair. My commitment to the sanctuary of my energy is important. Your magical space, starts with your self care and protection of you first. Trust that once you protect yourself, that magical space grows. There is a power in naming things. It creates a foundation, either emotional or mental. From this foundation a magical space builds.

Featuring Kawaii Tarot Cards & Labradorite

Featuring Kawaii Tarot Cards & Labradorite

Second step is work on your physical magical space. This is crucial in defining your magical space, having a place that calms you doesn’t necessarily mean its your room at home. If it is, that's great. If you want to make sure room calming then work towards that. However, your magical space can be outside of your home, it is what you make it to be. When you have your space what makes it special to you? Is it art, color, plushies, or a pillow fort amount of pillows? Whatever it is, it's your happy space which makes it magical. I take a lot of inspiration about magical spaces from tattooist and kawaii inspiration IpukeKawaii, whose studio is magical to look at. When exploring her creative space, the energy is soothing but fun. I adore Sailor moon, hello kitty, and pink motifs so my magical space is defined by that, but what personalizes it for is my books and writing station. I have poetry books, crystals, and Kawaii Tarot at the ready.

Tee: Magical Girl by Adornedbychi Use my code Jadedisland when shopping

Tee: Magical Girl by Adornedbychi Use my code Jadedisland when shopping

 Now the third step, and probably the most fun, is making your body the magical space. Expressing your kawaii magical energy to the fullest creates an aesthetic that shimmers for days. Whatever you love dressing towards or feeling do it. Magical beings aren’t always pink! Look at any magical girl show, take Sailor Moon for instance or Tokyo Mew Mew look at the range of colors that the groups have. Does the Blue girl have less magical energy than the Pink leader? NO. Magical is not limited to a color. In exploring what makes you feel the most magical, see what makes you giddy or just all around feel beautiful or adorable. Now as I am sure you’ve heard of these brands before, but I think these few magical brands really inspire a lot of creativity and magical aesthetics. If you like magical girl lite looks, try checking out Adornedbychi, they host a variety of magical pastels and bold statements making an adorable but fierce companion to your wardrobe. Now if you desire an illustrious addition to your wardrobe that's not as pastel but presents colorful but bold imagery take a peek at Happy Monstah. These two brands take magical lite to bold but powerful levels. Check out these stunning looks I created using tee’s from both shops! The tees are comfortable and fit well, but most importantly their designs pair well with my clothing. Two different color palettes but the same pink energy. Can you spot some fun perks of each outfit?

Tee: Thick Thighs & Anime Eyes by Happy Monstah

Tee: Thick Thighs & Anime Eyes by Happy Monstah

I’ve got more instore for you magical being, especially about creating magic from scratch. Today, however, focus on your magical space and the lite looks that contribute to your magical energy. I listed two brands that contribute to the beginning of body positivity. One because both brands represent women of color both in presence and presentation. Showing us that being magical and kawaii is not limited by the melanin count in your skin. I adore this aspect in their art, because that representation allowed me to feel like I too could be magical. Adding to the magic of Jadedisland you see today. I’m in awe of art that tells me that being magical is limitless and accessible to everyone. I also advocate for that accessibility. Ensuring that magical is reaching everyone who needs or wants it. So magical being, and fellow universe dweller show me your magical space and invite me for tea sometime. Show me what makes you feel magical, whether it as home, with a cute tee, or what you wish to represent going forward in your adventures.

- Love your favorite cactus darling, Empress Jade

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