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We forget about the journey of magical girls and here is the space in which I explore everything related to kawaii, harajuku, anime, and everything pink.

Battle Mage - Magical Girl

Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


Jadedisland and DC Kawaii Style

Jadedisland & DC Kawaii Style


It all began with Blerdcon. That was the day I came across the beautiful Lolita attendees an amazing artist Ipukekawaii and DC Kawaii Style. Joy is too small a word for how hype I was to find a community for fashion relatively close by. I mean, as much as I jump to New York City I don’t actually live there, I just visit. Even more exciting, I actually went to the meetups! I’ve been to three community events, and I am 100% invested in making sure I can go out and hang with them as much as I can. In my search for community, this was undoubtedly a beacon in a dark time. I have attended two Casual meetups, and a karaoke party so far, but let me tell you about these magical girl adventures.

First Casual Meet Up: Picnic in Dupont Circle


Mother nature, must you condemn us to hibernate so fast?! So, my vlogging companion Roxi with some Moxi and I were so damn late. Why? The metro is always funky on the weekends, remember that cause it’s a reoccurring theme. Sadly, we didn’t make it until after the casual meet up had virtually ended. However, instead of a disappointing evening, we actually had a blast post meeting. Dressed up in our Halloween COORDS we walked to the familiar empty fountain at Dupont Circle. Known fondly as the Dupont Fountain for DMV locals, the fountain is actually called “Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Dupont Memorial Fountain.” The remaining members of DC Kawaii Style decided to roam around DC. We took a quick photo shoot and actually were greeted by a photojournalist who wanted to know if he could follow us around for a bit. First off all those photos came out amazing, and it was really cool to hang out at the “Kramerbooks & Afterwords Café.” Roxi and I were seeking out books on fantasy creatures and poetry. The night ended with the lingering scent of coffee, alcohol, and the fashionable social between those with Kawaii styles.

Karaoke Party:

I took a page from Aggretsuko and decided to try karaoke with DC Kawaii style. I wasn’t able to participate in International Lolita Day and ice skating, but I did put together a music COORD to celebrate the occasion. My Aquarius Barbarian and I went down to Chinatown in D.C. and thankfully went early because the Metro was shut down in some parts. Meaning, we had to ride the bus down to our desired stop. We spent some time wandering and exploring Chinatown before we met up with the lovely members of DC Kawaii Style in the evening. I was nervous, I’m not much of a singer but guess what? With Karaoke it's not talent that counts but heart!

Garlic chicken nuggets and two Long Islands later and I’m singing my myspace theme song “Every time we touch” by Cascada. I loved the lovely Lolita COORDS and even more so how silly but fun karaoke is. I loved hearing classics, and some R&B hits to soothe my inner muse. I even took the mini stage and was twerking for one song. If that’s not a night to remember, then keep in mind, I was also singing “Bodak Yellow” and representing some fierceness with a corset belt on. I had a blast sharing drinks and well, not being ashamed to be me. We ended the night at a ramen shop, where I had another glass of whiskey sour. I learned about j-fashion, community, and had a good time getting to know new people who shared my love of style.


Holiday Market:


Second casual meet up also took place near Chinatown, and the Winter COORDs were delightful! This was the debut of Kawaii Monster, and boy was this day fun! Roxi with some Moxi and I LEFT EARLY but ended up being there early enough to grab breakfast at Corner Bakery Café. When we met up with DC Kawaii Style members, we journeyed on to the holiday market with the scent of fresh donuts and coffee! I was blessed to meet an online friend in person, who was adorable and sweet as a winter angel! We all gathered and walked taking in the various vendors and art for sale. Of course, what meetup happens without a fun photoshoot. We doled up and showed our holiday joy!

It wasn’t too cold, but after an exhausting week, I had to get an Americano to keep me and my legs warm. I did buy a couple of jewelry items and took a peek at handmade journals. I thought everything was darling and Christmas shopping with the group was fun. Seeing friendly faces and getting to meet new ones was delightful. We ended the night with a lovely dinner in Chinatown and after our goodbyes. Roxi and I did a candy shop photoshoot and splurged. What can I say, a girl loves kawaii socks?

Kawaii End or Beginning:

The joy of attending these fashionable meetups has come to be a big highlight for my social life. It affords me a safe space and venue to interact with people in my age group. While it kind of sucks I don’t drive, and it can be a bit far, I do enjoy having a place to go and an event to socialize. I hope to be in DC Kawaii Style for many years to come, they really inspire my social growth and remind me that community support can be genuine, fun, and fashionable. You’ll be hearing more adventures with DC Kawaii Style soon! Follow along with me on Jadedisland and interact with them on their Social media! 

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