Magical Girl

We forget about the journey of magical girls and here is the space in which I explore everything related to kawaii, harajuku, anime, and everything pink.

Battle Mage - Magical Girl

Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


Kawaii Street: Cosmic Brat


I’m really excited about my Cosmic Brat look for a special event I attended! I took an interest in Ugly Plants the Brand/artist because I favor all the cacti themed pieces. However, I took a more significant liking to the art for the tee “Cosmic Brat” because the character looked like me if I walked a pink fro and didn’t need monster lenses. I was very nervous about ordering a shirt, especially with my chest measurements but the size I ordered fit and stretched well. I might go back an order a size up because I don’t personally like form fitting but the shirt is very soft, and the colors are exactly like pictured and perfect for space, bratty, and fairy kei coords!

Becoming a Cosmic Brat:

I’m already pretty damn bratty. So there is no costuming for that, it is just me being me. The cosmic energy, well that’s where the fun part is. I love looking at Fairy Kei, and that’s where I pulled some of my outfits inspiration from. Whenever I visualize what it means to be in a fairy kei outfit, I think pastel magic. I want to say this coord is very fairy kei, but I’m unsure I executed it well and often feel like there is a limit to what is accepted as such. That doesn’t mean my outfit was less magical, in fact, I like to think it gets over 9000 in cosmic energy. I had planets, UFO’s, alien tentacle monster hair clips in my hair. I put on some pair ears and a crown for the “soft” cosmic energy. I don’t know about you, but I was feeling attuned to the universe in my coord. I was ready to throw a tantrum at the universe about being sleepy all the time.

One of the more beautiful things in life about this is Coord is it was put together with the help of my sisters and my mom! My mom lent me her seafoam green vans. My sister pulled this fairy long weave into my space buns clipped with my favorite giant buttons from Un-Re Designs. My biggest grievance is how heavy all these hair adornments were, and how quickly this wig would teeter.

Kawaii truths: No one ever tells you about the anxiety you get about your wig falling off cause it’s weighed down by an assortment of accessories