Magical Girl

We forget about the journey of magical girls and here is the space in which I explore everything related to kawaii, harajuku, anime, and everything pink.

Battle Mage - Magical Girl

Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


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Becoming a Magical Girl: My Kawaii Way

Today I needed to remind myself why I dress the way I do, why I'm in the bubbling cult of cute. Kawaii (Japanese for "cute") fashion and culture used to feel out of reach for me. When I was younger watching anime and looking at videos of lolita I thought I could never be that magical. So, I left it all alone. It wasn't until after graduation that things changed for me.

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