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My Services


Creative Copy-editing: From blogs to short stories, creative copyediting gets the idea legible, organized, and professional without losing the creative touch of your writing voice. This service is best with google docs, email access, and active communication. Work can be completed within 7 days or fast tracked for a small fee.

Guest Writer: Exploring new topics and engaging with any audience emotively is my strong suit. The range of topics I can write on is vast, but with enough time to research, any topic can be written on and shared in a creative, fun, and emotive way.

Commission Short Stories: Have a story idea but don’t know where to start? Interested in seeing your idea come to life in a rich narrative? Commission a short story from anywhere between 1 – 20 pages worth of content.

Commission Poetry: Excellent time to put a poetic twist to some prose for a friend, a lover, or family. Consider getting a short poem commissioned for any time of the year, or start investing in lyrical writing for your music group.  

Profile Copy-editing: Are you looking for an engaging yet colorful profile or feature on you or someone you know? Try my creative marketing and style to make a difference on your blog, website, or even your dating profile. People want to know you and I’m here to help them see you.


Whoever has my card must wonder, how is "muse" a job description or a skill set? Simply put I offer to motivate or help people work through creative funks, offer criticism, or inspire whoever needs it. This service doesn't cost any money, think of it a pay it forward kind of collaboration.

Muse is defined by: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.


Instagram & Facebook Promotions: No charge for this, I believe in paying it forward. Put good energy out there and it returns. I share art, experiences, and the work of people I encounter regularly. If I like it, the message, or style i'll share it!

Brand Ambassador: Promoting brands, and modeling is collaborative email to lay out terms.

Other Services:

Kawaii Tarot – Looking for an answer in life but can’t quite find a direction to go in?

Modeling: Any form of modeling requests must be emailed, including a portfolio

Fashion Adviser – Need a change of fashion pace, get some fashionable tips from my coordinated eye and peek at some of my inspirations or create your own with me.

Event Buddy - Introverts gotta stick together


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