Jadedisland: Black Femmes Vs Creative Writing

Blerdcon 2019: Black Femmes & Creative Writing:


Introducing your Panelists:




Camille/Roxi with some Moxi

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Ambiguous Anthology

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First Question we asked: “Can anyone name any Black Femme Writers?”

The importance of this question served two purposes one to openly acknowledge that black femmes exist in a variety of genres, my favorite mentions being Issa Rae, Roxanne Gay, and Toni Morrison. Two to elicit a second response being “I am a black femme writer”.  Frequently Black femme writers count themselves out of the label of being a creative writing. The purpose of this panel was to dissuade that feeling and reveal why.


Panel Discussion: Impostor Syndrome

What is Impostor syndrome

Definition: a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

Tangible Examples: What’s an experience of Impostor Syndrome that you’ve had? 

  • Working in professional settings

  • Submitting work

  • Working with Editors

  • Dealing with rejection

  • Doubting your credibility

Second Question: Who here has experienced this with creative writing?

How do we overcome this?

We heard amazing stories and examples of impostor syndrome from the panelists and audience. As I promised the panel was a safe but collaborative space so I can’t share all the amazing stories we experience there. However, I can say what the panelists had in mind for dealing with Impostor Syndrome. For one the content that we produce is going to be textured differently but it doesn’t make it any less valid or necessary in literary or creative spaces. Reminding ourselves that are content is worth sharing is a big step. It begins with just putting your voice out there. We mentioned a couple places where you could set up shop and throw your voice to the world. Another helpful tip when confronting Impostor Syndrome is to question the critique or explore the recommendations. When dealing with an editor its pretty easy to feel like your work is crap, instead of taking all their edits challenge yourself and ask questions about what they recommended. Its helpful to keep an open dialogue with editors, Alpha and Beta Readers of your work. Feedback is meant to encourage how you navigate your story. Third find community to be surrounded with creators like you. Blerdcon is a great place to find community but you can seek it out during National novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Workshops or online. I recommend these Facebook groups to get you started:

  • BGBFS Writers Society

  • The State of Black Science Fiction

Where you can explore Creative Writing:

  • Medium

  • Wordpress

  • Podcasts

  • Youtube

  • Web Series

  • Blogging

  • Zines

  • Teaching

  • Poetry

  • Personal Essays

Crafting an Authentic Narrative: Example: OC’s, Jadedisland


One of the key things to succeed as a Black Femme in creative writing spaces is being authentic – I talked about what that feels/looks like while introducing the activity for the panel. Crafting an authentic narrative is one of my favorite things to do as a writer, Leo, and copyeditor. I love shaping voices to match the message or person presenting. On my platform I based my narrative on the dynamic of role-playing games as a guide to the faceted way in which I present myself. I am blessed to have good friends like Kelsey & Middnite Design as artists. They helped me take the next step and visualize my original characters. My Facets are the voices and the way I navigate life whether it be in Jfashion blogging or writing angsty poetry. The key to success in spaces that don’t want my voice is hitting them with pure authenticity.

Activity: Creating original characters the Jadedisland way “Facets”

How did you like the Panel?


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